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Wine Industry Trends in China with Sial China 2013

SIAL China 2013Exclusive Interview of Bjoern KEMPE-Exhibition Director of SIAL CHINA


What are the latest trends of the Chinese wine market?
The Chinese Wine market is still the fastest growing in the world with more than +20% growth in volume and turnover. However, we can observe an increased competition amongst the overseas wines – too many traders have opened recently and they started a price competition. Some traders have started to specialize in certain sectors e.g. luxury wines only etc.. Chinese still prefer red wine but also the sales of sweeter white wines and sparkling wines & champagnes are rising.

Bjoern KEMPEIs there a particular brand or type of wine which really have a big sales in China?
To my understanding no – certainly many French wines from Bordeaux are popular and Lafite is always in the news but we can see also Cloudy Bay and Eagle Hawk and Penfolds and others to be popular in the Chinese market.

During SIAL CHINA 2013, is there any international competition of wine?
Yes we organize a blind tasting at our new SIAL WINE WORLD that’s the exclusive wine sector at SIAL CHINA. This blind tasting  will be joint by more than 20 countries and usually more than 150 appellations are competing. The jury consist of more than 20 professionals and experts from the industry including famous wine writers, sommeliers from 5 star hotels, wine media etc.

What’s the evolution of 2013 compare to last sessions?
We will have a strong growth in international wine (120 companies last year and more than 200 for 2013) as well as more importers & distributors (220 in 2012 & 350 in 2013). Last year we had 10 countries present and for 2012 we expect new wine pavilions from New Zealand, USA, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Brazil to be present. The existing pavilions from France, Italy, Spain will increase by +25%.

What’s new in this new edition 2013?
The big news is that we call our wine section now SIAL WINE WORLD. SIAL WINE WORLD will be exclusively for wine buyers and we will start a separate registration for all professional visitors. On top of all we will increase the overall quality of this section and we try to provide the best professional atmosphere possible. Finally all our events will be extended – 3 Master Classes for wine tastings, BIG BUY blind tasting competition, a class from Ecole du Vin for education, many top speakers and top sommeliers at our Wine Innovation Forum as well as business meeting and lastly a our grand wine gala night with VIP wine buyers and top distributors from the region.

More news www.sialchina.com

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