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Integrated Pest Management

AbeilleIPM is the logical outgrowth of sustainable pest management. It is the most comprehensive approach possible, combining various types of knowledge to fight pests.


Type of knowledge
– The biology of pests, diseases and auxiliaries (development cycle, tolerance levels,  etc.).
– Cultivation techniques (crop management, tillage, equipment, etc.)
– Physicochemical data

Insects and flowers
The diversity of insects, and animals in general, that forage on the flowers is impressive: bees, bumblebees, butterflies … to name the best known. They seek the nourishment (pollen, nectar) produced by the flower, and in return they pollinate the flowers, enabling them to produce fruit and seeds. Thus, without pollinating insects, there would be no more fruit, no more coffee, cocoa, fields of rapeseed, sunflower, no more vegetables such as tomatoes or zucchini. Activities of human origin, such as the massive use of pesticides, and the flourishing of urban environments can affect the diversity of pollinating insects. The biodiversity of insects foraging on flowers is very important because it stabilizes the plant communities.


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