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Focus on a player : Nicolas de Bailliencourt

Nicolas de BaillencourtNicolas de Bailliencourt, Château Gazin
AOC Pomerol

Photos Jean-Bernard Nadeau
Translation Maxine Colas

Nicolas de Baillencourt

Nicolas de BaillencourtNicolas de Bailliencourt:

Originating from a family who has lived in the Libourne area for 5 generations, Nicolas de Bailliencourt was born in 1946 in Boulogne-sur-Seine. As a child he spent his holidays in Néac, in the Gironde region, with his maternal grandparents who owned  wine properties in Lalande de Pomerol, Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. His paternal grandparents owned Château Gazin (and La Dominique, at that time).

After 20 years spent working in Paris in communication consultancy firms, serving clients such as John Deer, ITT, Dow Chemical or Dentsu (Japan), Nicolas de Bailliencourt took over the running of Château Gazin in 1990, when his father retired.

Apart from being chancellor of the Bordeaux Wines Academy, Nicolas de Bailliencourt has many hobbies : music, singing, walking, reading and travelling (his last trip was to Peru).

Nicolas de BaillencourtChâteau Gazin:
This Pomerol vineyard was developed from the 12th century onwards consecutively by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and Malta. Château Gazin is in all likelihood situated on the site of the « Hospital de Pomeyrols », which was built by pilgrims on the route to Saint Jacques de Compostelle.

Gazin’s vines cover 26 hectares in one piece, 24 of which are planted on the famous clay-gravel plateau of Pomerol. The estate produces up to 100,000 bottles.

After bottling, the wine is dispatched in wooden cases all over the world via Bordeaux merchants. 80% of Gazin’s production is destined for the export market.

A château with a global outlook:
Between the end of March and the beginning of April, the Union of Bordeaux Grand Crus will present the wines of its Pomerol members at Château Gazin. In addition, Gazin is preparing Vinexpo Hong Kong, where it will participate in tastings together with Enoteca, Watson, Géricot, Altaya and the Union of Bordeaux Grand Crus. Gazin will also be present at a gala dinner organised by the Great Classified Crus of Saint Emilion and Vincent Cheung, who is master of all the « Commanderies de Bordeaux » in China. Gazin is also planning a touristic visit of the estate by bicycle for enthusiasts, which will take place from May to October, in partnership with members of the « Pomerol Seduction » group : Petit Village, Beauregard, la Conseillante, Vieux Maillet, Clos de Clocher, Rouget Mazeyres and Clinet. Finally, the Pomerol Spring Photography show was held at Château Gazin on the 12th March, featuring 3 photographers : Cuvellier, Hekimian and Noguès (co-founder of the Sygma Agency).
Nicolas de Bailliencourt


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