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Focus on a Player : Fabrice Bernard

Bernard - Millésima

Fabrice Bernard

Photos Jean-Barnard Nadeau – Vidéo Arnaud Fleuri
Traduction Maxine Colas 

Bernard - Millésima
Bernard - Millésima

Fabrice Bernard

« I graduated from the ‘Ecole Supérieur de Commerce’ in Amiens in 1999 and joined the Renault group in 2000.

At first I worked as a salesman for Renault Crédit Internationale in South East France for 16 months before moving to the group’s headquarters in Paris in 2001.

For nearly seven years I ran the marketing department of Nissan Finance in France, then in the Netherlands, managing a budget of almost 200 million euros.

In December 2007 I joined the team at Millésima, occupying the post of marketing manager. Millésima was created in 1983 by my father, Patrick Bernard, and is now the flagship company of the family business group which was established in 1928 by Lucien Bernard, my great grandfather.



Bernard - Millésima

Millésima, this subsiduary company of the family business « Financière Bernard », is the undisputed  leader of mail order sales of French wine in Europe. 

Millésima represents a customer file of 60,000 individual clients, a turnover of 30 million euros,  and is present in 11 European countries.  It also possesses 3 cellars open to the general public all year round in Bordeaux, Saint Tropez and Manhattan.

Bordeaux fine wines represent more than 80% of the sales in terms of volume. The other 20% concern the other great French appellation vineyards (in Burgundy, the Rhone Valley, Champagne, Alsace and the Loire Valley,…).

Millésima owns a stock of over 2 million bottles (10,000 of which are large format : double magnums, jeroboams, imperials). All the bottles arrive directly from the properties and are stocked in our stone cellars which date back to the 18th century.


2010 : Millésima is evolving and now offers its own mobile service
You can now purchase Grand Cru wines directly via mobile phone – this is a world first introduced by Millésima – using the integrated command function by credit card.
This application has several advantages :
– A multi-lingual (6 languages) service, the Millésima application enables you to access the best and most complete offers, with 4000 label references.
– ‘Wishlist’ is a time saving device for clients who want to check on the wines they have added to their cart or their favorites during a previous visit to the website.  

Fabrice Bernard, Millésima




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