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Conférence Larry LOCKSHIN – ISVV – 1er juin 14h

Le Professeur Larry LOCKSHIN, du Wine Marketing Group & Research Degrees Coordinator à Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science (University of South Australia) donnera une conférence à l’ISVV, le Mardi 1er Juin à 14h : What drives consumer wine choice : Sensory or non-sensory signals?

La présentation sera en anglais, les transparents seront en français, le résume de sa présentation sera fait en français).

Research into wine has separated the sensory – style and flavour, from the non-sensory – packaging and pricing into two different research streams. Winemakers and wine scientists focus their research on how to test how much consumers like a certain wine, while marketing researchers have focused on the effects of price, package and label information.
This research combined both sensory measurement and consumer preference for packaging information into a series of experiments to test the combined effects of both areas. Consumers chose wines from an online simulated wine shelf in two experiments: one with simulated bottles where 10 different variables were manipulated and the other with actual bottle photographs where shelf information was manipulated. A subset of the respondents then each tasted five of the 21 wines from real bottle experiment in a central location test with photographs of the wine and its price displayed. Both preference and choice for a future occasion were measured.
The results from the online experiment and the tasting were combined with expert panel measures of the 1 wines’ flavours.
The results showed that consumers used a range of packaging and price cues to make their online choices.
Preference in the tasting was driven mainly by the price of the wine and fruit-base characters. Consumers chose wines for further consumption based mainly on their previous online choice and not on their actual tasting. Wine choices were highly correlated with actual sales of the wines in the market.
These results show that sensory characteristics, while important, are often superseded by consumers’ judgements of the wine based on price and packaging cues.

Professeur Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva
Responsable d’équipe de recherche « Marchés des Vins et des Spiritueux »
BEM-Bordeaux Management School, FRANCE

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