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ATT Advanced Track & Trace expands its offering for the wine-growing industry

ATTATT, a recognized expert in secure traceability and brand protection, has opened two new sales offices in Bordeaux, France, and Napa Valley, USA, to better serve its wine-growing customers

traçabilité et sécuritéExpertise
ATT supports its customers throughout the entire wine-making process from the vineyard to the glass, providing leading-edge production management, inventory control and logistics tracking solutions, in complete compliance with European  and international standards.

ATT provides individual bottle traceability systems to ensure that operations and product identification strategies are pursued in strict compliance with administrative requirements. Producers can choose between visible and invisible solutions to  protect and enhance brand value.

Each part of the wine bottle packaging, including the front label, the rear label, the closure and the bottle itself, can be used to incorporate traceability and security elements and at the same time act as a powerful marketing tool to foster and build loyalty among distribution networks and wine buyers.

Tatouages numériquesAlain Foucou, Vice-President of ATT:
« our codes act as visible and invisible digital ‘tattoos’, which are either printed or marked on the wine bottle packaging components. Each code is unique and contains a large amount of encrypted product data which cannot be reproduced.« 

Read using a variety of devices, including cell phones, these codes enable wine producers to maintain complete control over their production process and retail networks, while also helping to capture and retain customers and partners.

Upcoming events: demonstration of our product authentication and traceability techniques at Château Carignan (near Bordeaux), Thursday, June 3, 2010, 10 am to 4 pm.

ATT Advanced Track & Trace
is one of the world’s leading providers of digital brand protection and secure traceability solutions. The company has leveraged its extensive experience to develop a full line of tailored solutions to help wine-growers protect, trace, promote and enhance the value of their unique brands.
Part of the France-based Lamy Group, which was established 170 years ago, ATT has more than 25 years experience in brand protection and traceability.
Recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the Davos World Economic Forum, ATT provides solutions for some of the world’s leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries, including wine-growing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and luxury goods, along with numerous other sectors which face the challenge of product traceability and counterfeiting.

Media contact: presse@agence-fleurie.com – Phone: 06 07 62 24 87 – Visuals available on request.
ATT Paris: 99 avenue de la Châtaigneraie 92504 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex – Phone: 01 47 16 64 72
ATT Mérignac: att-merignac@orange.fr – 11 rue Alessandro Volta 33700 Mérignac – Phone: 05 57 22 30 67
ATT Napa Valley: info@attrace.com

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