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Wine Bloggers Conference – 24th of october

Wine Bloggers To Name Top Taster Blind Tasting Challenge At Bloggers Conference Santa Rosa, California

With wine bloggers now playing a key role in recommending wines for consumers and in discovering new wines that deserve consumer attention, the upcoming “Top Taster” competition at the October Wine Bloggers Conference takes on important meaning.

“The majority of the hundreds of wine blogs published today focus on reviewing and rating wines,” said Joel Vincent, president of the Open Wine Consortium, which is organizing the October 24-27 conference. “Determining who among America’s wine bloggers has the best and keenest palate will not only be lots of fun, but revealing for the hundreds of thousands of wine lovers that look to blogs for wine recommendations.” Bloggers will be confronted with a series of wines about which they only know the color. Their task will be to identify the type of wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, etc.), determine the vintage and the wine’s place of origin, or match the wine to the bottle description in increasingly difficult rounds. The winner will be crowned Top Taster.

Wine reviews and ratings are natural subject matter for wine bloggers and their dedication to ferreting out new and interesting wines has played a key role in their reputation as “citizen journalists” and the resulting rise of wine blogs. “The goal of the Wine Bloggers Conference is not only to explore the issues unique to wine bloggers and the industry they cover but also to have a little fun,” explained Vincent. “A little friendly competition will be fun for everyone.”
The 2008 Wine Bloggers Conference will take place in Santa Rosa, California in Sonoma County at the Flamingo Resort. Set for October 24-26, the conference is open to wine bloggers as well as industry professionals who want to learn more about how bloggers are affecting the wine industry. Registration for the conference is done online at: www. WineBloggersConference.org. 


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