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The role of hedges at Chateau Guiraud

Hedges Château GuiraudAlthough Hedges is man’s creation, its role is essential for a naturally balanced ecosystem.


At the beginning, hedges were first planted by man in the 17th.  Its aim was to bound agricultural land plot, they were also used as fence for the cattle, and to provide a significant production of fruits (acorns, walnuts, apples, pears and all kinds of berries), fodder (through trimmings) and wood (both for heating and for cartwrights).

But the hedges quickly became real biotropes, part of the natural environment and a very attractive natural habitat for wildlife. Moreover, these plants communities also have beneficial influences on other natural factors.   Therefore, thanks to the hedges, the soil’s moisture is locally higher and evapo-perspiration (moisture released by plants), helps atmospheric humidity as well as morning dew.  Hedges reduce wind erosion by acting as a natural windbreak and, finally, they stabilize the soil (on slopes and banks) and contribute to clean water by purification of nitrates.

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