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The Bordeaux Wine Embassy

Bordeaux Wine NewsEXCLUSIVE : The Duclot and Lafayette Gourmet group have created the « Bordeauxthèque » in Paris – the largest Bordeaux wine cellar in the world

A suitable decor was needed to match the event. It was found inside the equivalent of a small town of 70,000 square metres, built in the heart of Paris.

The Galleries Lafayette store on the Boulevard Haussmann, which celebrates its 104th birthday this year, welcomes each year the equivalent of half the population of France. This is the largest duty-free department store in the world and comes second only to the Eiffel Tower in terms of visitors. Beneath the building’s dome, which is listed as a protected feature, the lights attract hoards of tourists. Here Mandarin and Cantonese are spoken to provide a suitable welcome for Chinese visitors, who have topped the Americans and the Japanese to become the leading foreign clientele. And nobody stints themselves. The other day, a customer from India left the jewelry department with a set of matching jewelry worth 450,000 euros.

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