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Focus on a player : Philippe Raoux

Philippe Raoux
Philippe Raoux, Creator of « La Winery »

Photos Jean-Bernard Nadeau, Translation Maxine Colas

Philippe Raoux

Philippe RaouxPhilippe Raoux
Philippe Raoux was born in the city of Oran (Algeria) in 1953. He represents the fourth generation of a family of both wine growers and merchants. His family left Algeria in 1962, and settled in Bordeaux, where they set up a new company which rapidly became the leading firm selling wine by mail order in France.

Today, Philippe Raoux is the heir to 4 generations of growers and merchants. In addition to owning four wine estates, including Château d’Arsac, known for its Margaux wine and its art collection, he has brought this bold project of Winery to fruition.

For Philippe Raoux, the idea behind the Winery is to « give novices as well as passionate enthusiasts, a more up-to-date, convivial and personalized approach to the world of wine. »

Philippe RaouxLa Winery

The Winery was created in 2007 and is located near the prestigious
Médoc châteaux. The building’s unique architectural style is
surrounded by 26 hectares of park land. The complex includes a
boutique, cellar and a « bistronomique » restaurant called « Le WY »,
which serves seasonal dishes. Also on site is a contempory art
collection which visitors can discover thanks to an audio guided tour
and, in season, the Winery offers a guided tour of the vineyards of
Château d’Arsac in a 4×4 vehicle.

The Winery organizes many wine-theme events : thematic tastings, taste
initation sessions with wine producers, and the exclusive « Oenological

Sign » activity, which enables each visitor to discover his or her

particular tastes and the wines best suited to them.

Current events at La Winery
17th – 28th February : « A Date with Foreign Wines » :
the wine experts at La Winery will uncover their latest wine discoveries outside France
and invite you to the following 3 tastings :
19th Feb : Syrah from the Rhone and Morrocco, with Alain Graillot -one of the key producers in the Rhone Valley.
20th Feb : Three European estates, with Claude Barthelemy of the Cantina Vietti, (Italy), Dominique Rouvinez of Domaine Rouvinez (Switzerland), René Barbier of the Clos Mogador (Spain).
27th Feb : Three estates from around the world, with  François Duchemin of Taylor’s (Portugal), Yves Pages of the Cantina Aldo Conterno (Italy) and David
Lesage of Remhootge Estate (South Africa).

Philippe Raoux

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